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Worming Tablets, Flea Control & More for Cats

Worming Tablets, Flea Control & More for Cats

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Different parasites can attack your cat: from ticks to bugs, or other internal parasites that can invade their digestive system, causing them dangerous health effects and potentially making them contagious for human beings and other animals. For this reason applying pest control products for cats is a real necessity for their, your family and others pets of yours health. This task should be always kept on mind, makes it easy for you as we offer you a wide range of pest control products for cats to cover all you need!

Pest control Pipettes for Cats

You may think that cats that seldom go out need a pest and flea prevention treatment. Actually, it is always recommendable to apply on them products of the sort even though they never leave their homes, especially when they live with dogs that could pass fleas and ticks that they may have caught from their daily strolls.

A method of flea prevention and elimination treatment consists in pest control pipettes which you can find from different brands that we offer in our online cat shop. We collaborate with brands specialized in products as such, namely Frontline, Bayer and Beaphar just to mention a few. These are all pesticide-based products, that are allergy-free and safe on your cats health if correctly administered.

It is enough to apply it on your cats’ neck and to ensure they always reach your cat’s skin. It is crucial to apply the product on this area as cats have the habit of licking their whole body to clean themselves, but their anatomy doesn’t allow them to reach this part of the body, in this way they won’t risk poisoning.

Given the weight and the size of these felines, pest control pipettes will last for months, so during this time span you won’t have to be worrying about ticks, fleas and pests attack and the usual mites that cause them scabies.

You will notice if your cat has been attacked by them if you see them constantly scratching themselves.

Pest Control Collar for Cats

Another pest control remedy is pest control collars for cats. Applying them on your cat’s neck means preventing tick and flea attack. It is worth mentioning that these insects may not always dangerous for your cat’s health yet they can bother them to a great extent.

Brands such as Bayer or Beaphar which are specialized in pharmacy and veterinary can offer you different types among which you can choose. Other brands for animal care, such as Friskies or Trixie,  which you may know for the pet food or accessories they produce, offer them as well. You can check out the Worming Tablets, Flea Control & More for Cats on our online store and you can see the great assortment of products that we offer you, some choices actually manage to combine the pest prevention treatment and the aesthetic aspect for your cat. In any case, whichever you may choose, you only have to prevent your cat from biting the collar and from eating pieces of it, as they would be ingesting pesticides that are by all means hazardous for their health.

Pest control Sprays for Cats

Besides pest control pipettes and collars, we also have different sprays with the same flea, ticks, mites and insect control purposes. These sprays have immediate effects, hence their use is suggested when we know that our pets has been attacked by one of these insects. Once applied, their effect lasts a few days, for this reason it’s always recommendable to keep one of them in your house, so that you can use them in case of emergency, for instance if you forgot to apply on their collar or pipette.

Other pest control remedies for cats

We also have other pest control products for your feline pet: Novartis features oral vials for treating tick eggs and larvae. Just in case your cat doesn’t feel like taking these kind of products, so may also resort to pest control tweezers, like the ones featured by Trixie.

We also avail of more sophisticate choices, given by the contribution of technology for your cats’ health. For instance you can try Shoo!tag magnetic strip: these strips emit frequencies that are able to repel insects without the aid of batteries or dangerous chemical agents, but their action is based on sounds that we don’t hear and they charge with living being’s bioenergy.

Of course this is just an option and you can choose from a wide range of products for pest control in, as concerns for instance different types of pest control medals, like the ones featured by CatanDog’s, whose effects last for two years and whose action is based on an electro-magnetic field that produces the movement of the medal, which repel ticks and fleas.

Friskies offers a similar product that is to be placed on your cat’s collar. Its preventive action is given by the emission of ultrasounds which are perceived only by parasites.

Internal pest control for cats

So far the cat pest control products we mentioned affect only external parasites, but unfortunately our pets can also be attacked by internal parasites which generally invade their stomachs and intestines.

Against them, brands specialized in pharmaceutics and veterinary such as Beaphar have created products as natural as possible to help cats to expel the mentioned parasites from the digestive system.

We are talking about herb-based tablets and pills which make your pets expel intestinal parasites, alleviating eventual diarrhoea attacks, inflammations and abdominal distensions. Any of the mentioned products against the invasion of internal parasites has been tested by vets, so that they have only positive effects on your cat and that they can be safely administered.