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By Marie K.

Marie K.

Classic and natural litter is often the favourite of many felines and is also the cheapest litter on the market. It is noted for its great absorption power and does not contain perfumes or other additives. It is made with sepiolite, a very porous mineral that will soak up liquids, keeping the rest of the litter box dry. It is also a very light type of litter, so your feline will be able to hide its faeces without any problems.

Sanicat Cat Litter Classic

Our Classic sand is made from natural clays and highly absorbent minerals for daily hygiene. Sanicat Classic absorbs all moisture and liquid to keep the tray visibly dry and clean.Highly absorbent sand with optimally sized granules to maintain cleanl ...


  • 10 L 6,09 0,61€/L
  • 30 L Check availability Notify me

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Features Sanicat Cat Litter Classic

  • Reference8411514805906
  • BrandSanicat
  • Quantity10 L, 30 L
  • CharacteristicsScentless
  • MaterialsClay
  • Type of Components

Description Sanicat Cat Litter Classic

Customer Reviews Sanicat Cat Litter Classic

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Areia que aguenta bastante tempo, sem fazer pó e sem deixar passar muito o cheiro. Optimo preco/qualidade


Excelente producto, a pesar de no tener aroma no deja olores. Se limpia con facilidad.


Bien, es un producto bsico pero con buen rendimiento.

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