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By Aida Torres

Aida Torres

Enova offers a nutrition rich food made of lamb and rice.

It's the perfect fit for dogs with food sensitivities as its components are highly digestible. Last but not least, the flavour is loved by many and more.

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Enova Adult Lamb and Rice



ENOVA ADULT LAMB & RICE is the nutritional choice for those dogs who experienced skin or coat problems that can be related to the food, such as shedding, dandruff and itching. The well-known qualities of lamb meat, such as digestibility and hypo-alle ...


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Features Enova Adult Lamb and Rice

  • Reference8032869781617
  • Weight14 KG, 1,5 Kg
  • BrandEnova
  • Physical ActivityAverage
  • Nutritional ConditionsNatural
  • AgeAdult
  • FlavorLamb
  • Quantity1,5 Kg, 14 Kg
  • Dog SizeNot Specific

Description Enova Adult Lamb and Rice

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Ma petite chienne mangeait parce qu'il fallait manger les croquettes précédentes. Celles-ci elle les a mangé comme un biscuit... et elles sont équilibrées 1/3 légume 1/3 viande 1/3 riz...


notre golden avait des problèmes d'allergie avec des croquettes qui lui donnaient des boutons , après plusieurs essais, les croquettes Enova nous ont données entière satisfaction et notre chienne n'a plus de boutons


Non avevo mai acquistato questi croccantini, ma visto che il mio chihuahua sta perdendo moltissimo pelo, ho deciso di provarli.... a lui piacciono tanto anche se sono un po' troppo grandi per lui.....