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By Marie K.

Marie K.

Product presented in tablet form, suitable for supporting liver function in dogs and cats. The liver is an essential organ that purifies the blood and generates enzymes and hormones. It is also involved in many metabolic processes, so if our pet suffers from liver problems we must take great care of its diet with balanced products: low in fat, highly digestible and with antioxidants. Also with high quality carbohydrates and proteins. A good diet combined with a nutritional supplement such as hepatosil will help to improve their quality of life.

Farmadiet Hepatosil 200/20 30

A food complement for dogs and cats based on SAM (S-Adenosyl methionine), Silibin, Vitamin E and Selenium. Presentations : HEPATOSIL 100/10 dogs and cats, up to 10 kg: Case with 30 coated tablets. HEPATOSIL 200/20 dogs, over 10 kg: Case with 30 coate ...

  • +10 Kg 37,68 3,77€/KG
  • -10 Kg Check availability Notify me

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Features Farmadiet Hepatosil 200/20 30

  • Reference8414042006050
  • Weight10 KG
  • BrandFarmadiet
  • Complements forDigestive System
  • Units30 Tablets
  • FormatTablets
  • +10 Kg, -10 Kg
  • Dog Size+ 10 Kg, - 10 Kg

Description Farmadiet Hepatosil 200/20 30

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le hace muy bien este tratamiento a mi perrita


Mi perra tiene cncer de hgado y no le conseguamos regular las heces, ahora las hace muy bien y est tambin ms animada


Me lleg otro producto que no era el pedido, pero me vena bien para mi perro

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