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By Aida Torres

Aida Torres

Ferplast Fiore Bed

High quality dog bed, very durable and comfortable. It is important that you choose the right size bed for your dog so your pet friend feels comfortable sleeping in it. 
For dog owners who fear that their dog is going tear apart this bed it is important that you teach your dog that bed is not a toy. Train your dog and show that bed is for sleeping not for biting. Remember that your puppy do not know how to behave unless you teach that.

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Ferplast Fiore Bed Bordeaux

With its cosy shape that reminds you of the corolla of a flower, this comfortable fabric bed for dogs and cats has strong side panels, which will wrap your four-legged friend in a warm embrace. It is made of tough, high quality fabric, has a double-s ...


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Features Ferplast Fiore Bed Bordeaux

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  • BrandFerplast
  • ColorRed
  • SizeGrande, S, M
  • ColorsRed


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Description Ferplast Fiore Bed Bordeaux

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