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Flexi for dogs

Flexi for dogs

Millions of happy dog owners around the globe use a unique innovation from Germany, the flexi retractable dog leash. As the inventor of the retractable leash, our creative vision has set the global standard. We have established ourselves as the market leader in more than 90 countries.

In 2010, flexi was given the status “Brands of the Century” by the “German Standards” commission.  We are very proud of this award because it puts us in the category of the most successful companies in Germany which have set a milestone based on an exceptional idea and entrepreneurship.  

We are continually faced with great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems. We accept this challenge and will continue to do everything in our power to shape the future with our visions.


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  • Published by Burcu D. on 19/08/2023

    It is very good product.

  • Published by Ayla on 20/11/2022

    Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for!

  • Published by Jason Yong Jian K. on 28/04/2022

    wonderful. ordered on 18Apr2022 and received on 28April2022, shipped from Spain to my home in Malaysia. price including shipping is reasonable. thank you.

  • Published by on 28/01/2022

    What for all nice publicity if you not have it un stock. For me, it is already the second brand of same product (showed as a good quality - that Amazon isn't capable to provide it to me.

  • Published by Martina on 31/03/2021

    Excellent quality products and amazing comfort and great variety colourful features

  • Published by Paulina Markiewicz-Anwar on 06/12/2019

    I have a boxer - lead to weak for my boy, otherwise good quality.

  • Published by Tina Wood on 18/12/2018

    Very good product!

  • Published by julien on 23/04/2018

    Finally ! It's strong AND long. Terrific value

  • Published by on 14/06/2016

    Very strong lead. My dog is large and sometimes pulls but this lead is ideal for her. Very happy with my purchase.

  • Published by Elina S. on 12/04/2016

    Great product! Enjoy it a lot! Long lead is amazing for my dog (chocolate lab) as he like to run back and force all the time!

  • Published by Kevin P. on 05/01/2016

    Excellent product. Good quality sturdy lead. Very impressed. Lead is comfortable to grip and it's easy to push the button and stop the lead extending when necessary. Would definitely recommend

  • Published by Paula W. on 04/01/2016

    This little light has made dog walking in the late afternoon much more possible especially during the winter months. Before I was fumbling around with three dogs on two leads,, and a torch, now it it so much easier - so much so that I have ordered another one for my other flexi lead!

  • Published by Rick J. on 20/05/2014

    Excellent quality product. The dog is very comfortable walking with this lead and jumps about wagging her tail as soon as she sees it. It looks great and is very practical.

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