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By Oscar V.

Oscar V.

Hay is a must for your rodent. In your rodent's cage you need to include hay in a variety of ways to get his attention and make sure he eats it.

There are different ways to put it, for example, in a ball, somewhere he has to think about how to get to or even in a feeder. Be aware of their tastes as one of the reasons rodents don't want to eat it is because they don't like it. If they try several and still won't eat, go to your vet.

Bunny FreshGrass Hay Apples

Bunny's apple hay is an essential food due to its high fibre content. It can be fed to all types of rodents except hamsters and degus.  It is an essential food for dwarf rabbits and rodents (except hamsters and degus) due to its high fibre ... See full description


  • 500 GR 6,25 12,50€/KG

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  • x1 6,25 6,25€/unit
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Features Bunny FreshGrass Hay Apples

  • Reference4018761140107
  • Weight500 GR
  • Haystack
  • BrandBunny
  • Size42x21x14 cm
  • Small Animal TypeRabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Rats and Mice
  • Product Range

Description Bunny FreshGrass Hay Apples

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I miei conigli sono ghiotti di questo fieno!


Bunny es el mejor heno.


le encanta este heno y con los trocitos de manzana se vuelve loca

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